Payment Policy

FastTrack Academy is not directly linked to the payment you make through online because all the transactions are processed through the gateway provider and are not stored or processed on our servers. Therefore, under no circumstances do we store the payment or transaction information of the payer. Thus, we will not be responsible in any case, unless the course fee paid by the student or parents is deposited in the bank account of the institute

Fasttrack Academy and its employees, administrators and other affiliates will not be liable for any loss, claim or damage in case of any technical issue found in online fee payment, 

Such as-

  1. If the payment is debited during online payment through credit / debit card and internet goes down due to some external server malfunction or any other similar event.
  2. The system fails to generate the required acknowledgment due to Internet malfunction.
  3. If the payment is refused by the credit / debit card supplier for some reason, the institution cannot accept liability.
  4. Slowdown or breakdown of third party websites for any reason. 
  5. The payment did not reach the correct FastTrack Academy account citing incorrect account number or incorrect personal details. 
  6. The payment is deducted from the account of the payer and does not reach the account of the institution or is debited twice due to payment server error.
  7. The institution is under no obligation to bring to your attention the fact that the card supplier reduces the payment. You should check with your bank / credit / debit card supplier that the payment has been deducted from your account


While completing the online payment, you must take the screen shot for furthermore which confirms your payment to the institution. When you produce the proof of the payment to the institution, it is your responsibility to verify all the transactions or if you make the payment through direct deposit in the official bank account of the institution, you need to mail a payment copy and your complete details to in order to avail our service.

But kindly make a note that the transaction will be considered binding at the time the confirmation screen is displayed. FastTrack Academy will have no accountability for transactions that are inaccurate as a result of inaccurate data entry or loss of data for online services or information due to factors beyond the institution's control.