Foundation Courses


FastTrack Academy has designed Foundation Programs for students who want to excel specially in their schooling and want to prepare for competitive level examinations like NSTSE, Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY and various types of Talent Search Exams. We increase your concept, logical thinking and accuracy from the beginning of your age which becomes more fruitful for your competitive level exams. This class program is perfect for students who are deeply excited for Engineering or Medical entrance exams and want to prepare from the beginning. Preparation from the beginning of your class will make you excellent in competitive examinations. Through this program, students get sufficient time to prepare for the IIT-JEE or NEET- (U.G) exam. 

This program covers the entire curriculum of the schooling in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mental ability and we strengthen your preparation for your competitive level exam for the future. FastTrack Academy offers Foundation Programs for Class IXth and Class Xth level students. The students can take the admission in  this Program through FastTrack Academy Admission cum Scholarship Test (FASST). 



Success is never defined in an absolute sense. It is a matter of relative performance. Children need to assimilate the spirit of competition from an early age and begin preparing for major milestone achievements, well in advance so as to avoid stress and anxiety at later levels.

The program trains a student at an early age for overall logical thinking and scientific aptitude which changes the academic life of the students. It is the time when a student encounters a change in the educational method from a text based academics in Class IXth to a mature academic life in Class Xth. Parents will be able to see substantial differences in the analytical skills and intelligence of their younger ones with this program.



Objective of Foundation Program-

  • To ensure that students do not mug up formulas and definitions and gain a clear understanding of the subject. 
  • To become familiar with competitive exams and environment. 
  • To provide the right path for future entrance examinations like- IIT-JEE, NEET etc.
  • To prepare for various scholarship exams like- KVPY, NTSE, & NSTSE etc.
  • To provide concept, aptitude & mental ability exercises to the students
  • To Provide scientific reasoning behind many real-life events and emphasizing the use of diffused knowledge. 
  • To provide scientific reasoning behind many real life phenomena and emphasize on the use of the knowledge disseminated



Advantage of Foundation Program-

The main benefits of Foundation Classes Program is that we cover major syllabus of XIth and XIIth grades in Foundation Program. Therefore, instead of rote learning, the emphasis is on the basic logic and scientific reasoning behind the topics. Those students who are aware of JEE & NEET Entrance Examinations and have joined our Foundation Program, understand many topics of class XIth and XIIth before they enter these grades.

The Foundation Program inspires a healthy competition, so they participate in more and more efforts. And when the time comes, they are ready to give their 100%. As students take part in many scholarship examinations like NSTSE, Olympiads, NTSE & KVPY etc, their mind gets excited and they excel in Engineering or Medical entrance exams. Since the concepts of Foundation Program students are clear, they also perform better in the XIth and XIIth exams. Foundation Program students also get early exposure towards competitive exams which helps them in improving their examination skills for other engineering and medical examinations down the line.

Conclusion: It is very essential that students desirous of JEE & NEET entrance examination join the Foundation Program. This not only enhances his thinking ability but also exposes him to the competitive environment.



Students can take admission in any course of Pre-Foundation Program through the FastTrack Academy Admission cum Scholarship Test (FAAST). 

The testing details of FAAST for the Pre-Foundation Program are given below.



No. of Qst. 














Mental Ability






Note:- To take admission in the Pre-Foundation Program, students must obtain a minimum of 50% aggregate marks and 45% in each subject.


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