Why FastTrack

Why should students or parents consider choosing FastTrack Academy for IIT-JEE, NEET and Career Foundation?

  1. Renowned faculty members

FastTrack Academy consists of teams of talented, Trend, Experienced, dedicated and highly qualified teachers recruited from International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Premier Universities and Coaching Industry. We are the only institution that follows a very robust, systematic and objective selection and training process before selecting a teacher for FastTrack Academy. All faculties at FastTrack Academy are very competent and full-time, ensuring that you get highly effective teachers in all subjects during your studies. The remarkable qualifications and vast experience of the faculty members helps in reducing complex problems for the students. FastTrack Academy attracts the best talent in the industry for all disciplines from every corner.

  1. Integrated Teaching Approach

We better understand the importance of such competitive entrance exams such as JEE, NEET - as well as quality teaching for schooling and teaching in the right direction. At FastTrack Academy, each and every lecture is planned to ensure that the delivered content is finished in standard, complete, and scheduled time. The concept at FastTrack Academy is not only to teach for entrance exams but also for board exams. Every effort is made to clarify the concepts to the student. We provide innovative learning solutions for comprehensive learning for IIT-JEE and Medical exam preparation through well rounded education.

  1. Comprehensive study Materials

We have comprehensive study material which is very relevant and effective and has been carefully prepared by IIT, NIIT and Gold medallist faculties at FastTrack Academy. Study materials, test papers and daily practice papers (DPP) have been designed based on the latest pattern of entrance exams.

  1. Competitive Environment

We always maintain a competitive environment within the institution because the competitive environment and focused learning provide dedication, edge and energy to the students.

  1. Regular Motivational Counselling

FastTrack Academy has counsellors to conduct counselling sessions of the students occasionally to inspire students to make them a winner. It also provides the confidence and excitement in the students. We motivated the students to face all kinds of entrance exams as well as school exams strongly. Through motivational classes, we know areas which need more concentration and guards against mistakes in actual JEE/NEET.

  1. Personalized Coaching

At FastTrack Academy, individual attention is given to each student at any time, regardless of merit. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit, this facilitates proper student-faculty interaction. Our faculty always seek to clear the doubts of students personally, if necessary.

  1. Doubt Clearance

Regular doubts clearing system at FastTrack Academy is quite helpful for every student. During the period of doubts clearing, the student can ask any doubt on any topic. We provide a greater number of doubt classes than necessary.

  1. Regular Testing & Assignment

Our topic wise tests, comprehensive tests, aptitude tests, surprise tests, chapter tests and complete syllabus tests help students understand their level and improve performance. These are conducted on a routine.

Assignments at FastTrack Academy ensure that students focus on the two most important factors required to participate in the JEE / NEET exam which is subject knowledge and a regular practice of the subject which has a clear purpose of time management and reducing errors. Our assignments are known for improving concepts, reducing errors, increasing concentration, increasing test scores, and ensuring selection in entrance exams.

  1. Library

The centres of FastTrack Academy has a Library that offers students a wide range of books to choose from and keep them up to date on the latest information.

  1. Daily Attendance Monitoring

We monitor the attendance of students through biometric machines, CCTV classroom monitoring and portals.

We send the notifications of absence of students to parents through SMS, e-mail and WhatsApp.

  1. Scholarship and Awards

FastTrack Academy offers scholarships up to 100% to meritorious students for admission to their various classroom programs. We offer scholarships for special category students also, which are mentioned in the scholarship page.

The FastTrack Academy rewards students topping test series and various types of schooling and entrance examinations. We also provide free education for meritorious and deserving students from humble backgrounds.

  1. Parent Teacher Meetings

The Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) at FastTrack Academy is an integral part of its specialization and feedback system. We often invite parents to meet the respective teachers of their wards in order to understand their performance closely. It is also an opportunity for FastTrack Academy to keep in touch with parents and inspire them to help the institution and its students achieve the common goal of qualifying for entrance exam selection. Another important benefit of PTM is that parents can meet the faculties directly and learn about their child's vulnerable areas.

  1. Modern Infrastructure

We strongly believe in the fact that the environment in which the student studies is equally important for effective study. We ensure the students to study in an enabling environment equipped with appropriate classrooms to keep them stress free. Therefore, all classrooms are well lighted, fully air-conditioned, clean, spacious, modern benches and modern infrastructure have been provided with a comfortable learning environment.

  1. Periodic Student Satisfaction Survey

The student welfare team regularly seeks feedback from students for faculties, tests, doubt classes and various issues. The same solution is provided as soon as possible.

  1. The Winning Methodology

Our methodology enables students to solve creative and complex problems by improving and accelerating their analytical skills and parallel thinking processes. We periodically develop and share the right strategies to optimize student output.

  1. Digital Learning Programs (DLP)

FastTrack Academy offers digital courses in the following modes-

FastTrack Academy Live: - Students can take advantage of all courses at FastTrack Academy through live online classes in the comfort of their home. The cost of this program is also very reasonable.

FastTrack Academy Tab: - FastTrack Academy Tab is a process to provide e-learning programs through high-quality content on Tablet, PC and Mobile.

  1. Online Test Series

All students of FastTrack Academy programs such as classroom programs, digital learning programs can participate in online test series. This is a step towards joint analysis of students.

  1. School Curriculum

We understand the importance of competitive entrance exams as well as school curriculum, therefore, we cover the entire syllabus of the school and our students can perform better in school education along with JEE / NEET entrance examinations.

  1. The Value System & Quality

The Value System- FastTrack Academy's value system revolves around truth, transparency and commitment. We share whatever we feel better and we do whatever we share. We present to you what we are.

The Quality- We never compromise on quality. The quality and discovery of our thoughts is clear in our thoughts, in our every activity, at all times, everywhere.

  1. Reviewing Performance Report

By regular and various types of practice tests, we analyze and review students' performance. These performance reports help students to improve in the next test and this process makes them eligible for all competitive entrance exams.